Another Generation of UNZA Graduates is Ready to Make Waves in The Business World

The University of Zambia celebrated its 51st graduation ceremony between 25-27th April 2022 under the motto: “Academic excellence that celebrates resilience in the era of the pandemic”.

We are proud of our students for staying motivated and committed to their academic success, overcoming all obstacles along the way, and eventually graduating.

Our 100% online modules proved to be the right fit for busy professionals looking to upskill on a tight schedule.

Without the constraints of space and time, they were able to significantly boost their resume, and obtain new knowledge and skills that will help them stand out in the market. 


“My experience with UNZA Ecampus has been great. It’s been an exciting journey. I’m a person that is running my own business, and that means I treasure my time a lot, I’m time-pressured, but studying with UNZA Ecampus has given me the opportunity to do my studies on my own time. 

I would encourage everybody out there, especially people in the corporate world, people that are running their own business, those people that are pressured with time, to consider studying with UNZA Ecampus.”

Gondwe Mofu Prisca

Graduate of Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

“My experiences were very phenomenal. I have the flexibility and independence to study anywhere at my own pace whenever I want whenever I feel like it. Wherever I go, whether I’m working outside the city or country, I was able to go to my laptop and be able to login to Ecampus and access my lectures.”

Phiri Smokey Kaunda

Graduate of Master of Business Administration in Project Management

“I selected the 100% online programme because of its flexibility. I work so I can’t manage to be on campus or even have part-time lessons. 100% online gives me the opportunity to still achieve my master’s as is the case but still continue working and still have my other life going on. 

So it’s something that has worked out for me. It has enhanced my knowledge, I think I’m in a better place, I understand a lot of things, and also it places you in a  better position in the labor market.”

Mukuma Tracy Chilombo

Graduate of Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting

“I chose to be on e-campus, I live in Lusaka and I work in Lusaka, and it worked very well for me because it’s given me time to be on campus and also do my work so I really advise everyone else, being on ecampus is the greatest thing to be on, and if you want to further your education, ecampus is the best thing to accomplish that that.”

Komoto Chibangu Kabanda

Graduate of Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Once again, we congratulate all of our graduates on their accomplishments. We hope they will achieve success in their current as well as future careers.  

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