All BSc Programmes

Zambian NationalsInternational Students
Application Fee150 ZMK15 USD
Year 124,500 ZMK2450 USD
Year 228,000 ZMK2800 USD
Year 328,000 ZMK2800 USD
Year 414,000 ZMK1400 USD
Technology Fee (Per Year)400 ZMK40 USD
Instructional MaterialsIncludedIncluded
E-Library FeeIncludedIncluded

Click here to review the fee details aligned to the program outline and your tentative monthly payments.

* Average Monthly Payments: Zambian Nationals ZMW 2,333.33 – International $233.33

1.0        Tuition Deposit fee

The tuition deposit (ZMW 1,000 – $100) is a condition of acceptance in the amount expressed within your acceptance letter and should be covered prior to your regular monthly fees. This deposit goes entirely towards your first subject tuition.

2.0        Tuition fees

The tuition fee is due prior to the subject start. There is one payment plan with respect to tuition fees applicable to the online M.ed students in the Graduate School of Business. All fees shall be deposited into the students’ wallet through an ONLINE PAYMENT via cc or a Bank Deposit.

Tuition Fees are subject to change at any time. Proof of residency for Zambian Nationals is a required document to get the Citizen status and fees. Programme consists of 27 subjects including a final research project.

*** Master Thesis is billed separately.


3.0        Bank Details

All fees must be paid to the following bank details:

Bank name: Zanaco

Branch: Acacia

Account Name: Astria Learning

Currency: USD

Account Number:  5429517500218

For inquiries concerning fees and payments, concerning fees and payments contact:

Finance Officer: