MBA in Entrepreneurship

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship with the University of Zambia will prepare you to dive deep into the world of business management. As a student, you will have the unique chance to benefit from both practical and theoretical training methods that are aimed towards gaining a better understanding of the ins and outs of investment or business management.

More specifically, an distance learning degree in entrepreneurship with UNZA is an accredited degree that will teach you the fundamentals of business such as understanding how to found and manage large and small-scale businesses alike across various industries, managerial economics, product design and development, managing innovation and change, and more. 

Come graduation, you’ll know the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship and business development – from start-up to IPO and everything in-between, making you a highly valuable hiring prospect.



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The MBA in entrepreneurship and innovation concentrates on key aspects that will ready you for a career in business management. Core competencies include: leadership, economics, methods for recruiting investors, investing in competent employees, and optimizing your business relations with local businesses and organizations. At its core, the masters degree in entrepreneurship will equip you with the tools needed to thrive in the world of business.

From designing and implementing creative techniques, utilizing modern entrepreneurship discourses, delivering value by using entrepreneurial best practices, and dealing with the challenges that both new and established businesses generally face. You’ll leave our E-Campus with a business entrepreneurship degree that has provided an ability to critically evaluate entrepreneurship models and theories that can unlock alluring career opportunities with higher salary potential.

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Admission Requirements

Simply submit a copy of your transcripts with your application online:

• Online application

• A bachelors degree from a recognized institution

• 6 (Credit)- score or better in 5 subjects including English

Simply submit a copy of your transcripts. International Students Welcome:

  • International students must meet the same admissions requirements
  • Visa not required


This is a 2-year programme designed to prepare students to immediately apply the skills, knowledge and competencies.

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MBA - All Specializations

Zambian NationalsInternational Students
Application Fee200 ZMK40 USD
Semester 120,000 ZMK1800 USD
Semester 220,000 ZMK1800 USD
Semester 320,000 ZMK1800 USD
Thesis6,000 ZMK550 USD
Technology Fee (Per Year)400 ZMK40 USD
Instructional MaterialsIncludedIncluded
E-Library FeeIncludedIncluded

Why We Combine a Business Management And Entrepreneurship Degree

Being an entrepreneur presents many challenges among free and forward-thinking individuals across the globe. However, due to recent global events that drive a fundamental shift in the way we do business, the entrepreneurial space has become more competitive than ever, even for the most savvy innovators.

At The University of Zambia, we paired a degree in entrepreneurship with business fundamentals  to equip our graduates with  the skills required to take innovative business ideas to market and sustainably scale them for long-term business success.

So whether  you’re interested in spearheading innovations in an existing corporate structure, building your own business venture, or funding the ventures of another, our entrepreneurship degree course will help you learn, grow, and master the domain of business.

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Which MBA specialization is best for entrepreneurs?

An MBA in Entrepreneurship is your best bet if you’re after an accredited business management and entrepreneurship degree. A masters degree such as this is broadly applicable to anyone interested in creating or expanding a business, making it a great option for those wanting to pave their own way in the world. An MBA specialization geared towards entrepreneurs will help entrepreneurs develop analytical skills for designing individual business techniques, and give you a broad understanding about business from a global point of view.

Is it worth getting an online MBA?Is it worth getting an online MBA?

An online MBA in Entrepreneurship can open doors never previously possible to our graduates. And the additional benefit of the E-Campus environment of an online degree offers a plethora of benefits to students such as increased accessibility and flexibility. You’ll get all the essential and critical skills that will help you take your entrepreneurial endeavors to another level.