Research Practicum (16 weeks)

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Course Description

The Research Practicum has as a goal to immerse the student on to the process of writing academically for a purpose and to get the student thinking about the topic of his/her dissertation, students will be seeking publishing or participation in a conference through the work they put together and will be preparing for the forum if applicable.
Through the Practicum the student will engage in reporting the progress through posting in the discussion boards following the instructions presented that outlines the sequence of focus for the development of the student’s body of research intended for publication.

The student will find that the structure of the Practicum is different. Even though the student will be reporting on his/her progress this is a space that the student should be really used to practicing, but more importantly the student will be exploring the process and taking steps towards publication.

During this practicum the student will also be gearing towards the topic of his/her dissertation. By the time that the Practicum Finishes the student will have developed a final draft for scholarly publication, a peer review article, a critical review of annotated article or selected article, 8 to 10 article annotations and a virtual presentation on your writing covering letter for publication.

A final Publication for the Cohort will be compiled with the work the student completed during the Practicum, and the presentation will become part of the Forum that will take place during the last week of the Practicum. Through the Practicum we will have live sessions that will be used to give feedback on the student progress.


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