Find Out : What is a BSc in Business Management ?

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“Management is 10% work and 90% people.”

Victor Lipman

Qualified business managers are always in demand as companies across industries rely on them to organize and optimize their businesses performance. If you wish to develop essential proficiencies needed for this career you should consider an online BSc in business management.

Completing a bachelor’s degree in business management will prepare you to take on entry-level management positions or even start your own business. As a graduate you can find a job at small businesses, nonprofits, or at large organizations. Given the employment scope it’s no wonder that a bachelor’s in business management is the most popular major among college graduates.

In this article we’ll discuss what business management truly is, what can you expect from an online bsc in management program, and different careers paths you can take on upon obtaining your business management degree.

What is a BSc in Business Management? Business Management facts

What is Business Management? 

Business management represents managing the coordination and organization of business activities. This usually includes the production of money, materials, and machines, and involves both innovation and marketing. The sole profession revolves around planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the business’s resources to successfully meet the objectives of the policy.

Organizations tend to rely on business managers to resolve issues such as managing teams or dealing with interpersonal issues. The human-centric nature of a business management course best fits students who are good at delivering information in person. 

What is a Bachelor of Science in Business Management?

A BSc in Business Management is an undergraduate degree that focuses on developing the in- demand business skills needed to thrive in the modern economy. Students are introduced to the science of business management and the theory behind the organization of successful companies. The program’s curriculum resembles those of the other business degrees with an emphasis on management strategies. 

Students prepare for leadership roles by learning techniques to unify and motivate people. They gain a basic understanding of all business-related tasks, and study a range of topics including marketing, economics, business law, finance, and accounting.

Throughout the program, students develop critical thinking and decision-making skills. Thanks to the rich curriculum, bachelor’s degree in business management graduates offer their employers a wide range of competencies. For those just starting out in the workforce, online bsc in management provides a solid footing to launch their careers. For those already seasoned in their careers, this degree opens the path to promotion. 

Should You Get a Bachelor’s in Business Management?

Absolutely yes! As business management is a fast-growing field, managerial positions are in high demand and are expected to grow in the near future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, project management jobs are expected to increase by 5% from 2019 to 2029, resulting in approximately 505,000 new job openings.

Although there are some entry-level positions available to high school graduates or students with an associate degree in business, earning an on-campus or online bachelor’s degree in business management makes you significantly more competitive in the job market and increases your earning potential. 

What is a BSc in Business Management? male student working on laptop

A bachelor degree in business administration and management is a versatile degree that will prepare you to pursue a variety of careers. Besides managerial positions, you can explore careers in finance, accounting, marketing, and human resources.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Business Management?

Bachelor of science in business management is a versatile degree that enables you to take on a variety of positions, not only managerial roles. You will develop competencies for diverse fields by studying accounting and finance, human resources, marketing, and economics.

Since neither a for-profit company nor a nonprofit organization can survive long without competent management, a business management degree is applicable in every sector of the economy. Following are the top five industry sectors hiring bachelor’s degree in business management graduates:

  • College, universities, and professional schools
  • Depository credit intermediation
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance carriers
  • Software publishers

As we established that learning general business acumen opens doors in a lot of different fields, we listed the ten common roles for the online bachelor’s degree in management graduates:

  1. Accountant
  2. Business adviser
  3. Data analyst
  4. Human Resources Manager
  5. Insurance underwriter
  6. Marketing Manager
  7. Operations Manager
  8. Risk manager
  9. Sales Manager
  10. Stockbroker
What is a BSc in Business Management?  ten common roles for the online bachelor’s degree

Which is Better BA or BSc in Business?

There are several things you should consider when choosing between a bachelor of arts degree and bachelor’s degree in management. Both are undergraduate degrees, and both serve as a stepping stone to obtaining an MBA. Deciding between these two comes down to your preferences regarding how you want to study business.

The main difference between a BA and a BSc in business management is the key knowledge required to graduate. Bachelor of arts graduates have an emphasis on “soft skills” during their studies due to taking liberal arts courses. On the other hand, bsc in management graduates focus more on technical skills as their studies are concentrated around math and science.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business

It is assumed that the BA in business management graduates have a more inclusive education. Apart from the standard business courses, students take classes in history, communication, English, religion and writing as a part of the regular curriculum. 

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Business

Students attending an online BSc business management course are expected to master technical skills and their studies are more focused on math, science and statistics. They study subjects such as finance, economics and entrepreneurship.

Is a Degree in Business Management Worth it?

If you are a working professional who wants to advance your career in business, an online bachelor of science in business management is your surest bet for success. This degree can create advancement opportunities, increase job prospects, and increase your salary and lifetime income. It sure is a worthwhile investment in your career – you just need to choose the right business management course for you.

How Can You Earn Your BS in Business Administration?

For many working adults, elearning saves the day. You can obtain your degree from the comfort of your home thanks to the online business management courses.

Imagine taking your classes at whatever time of day fits your schedule best. You can keep your job and manage to take care of other responsibilities while pursuing your academics. It may sound too good but it’s absolutely true. 

University of Zambia’s BSc in Business Management will provide you with cutting-edge, real-world skills that you can apply on your job from day one. With the help of our devoted professors you can obtain your business degree at your pace. 

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