Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia And How to Land One

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia

The dynamic Zambian economy has been ever-changing in recent decades, and – as a result, some significant fluctuations in the labor force structure became apparent. 

According to a 2013 working paper by the International Growth Centre (Education and employment in Zambia), the country’s economy added 309.000 new jobs in four years alone.

The change has mainly been geared towards more capital-intensive production and services, with job creation primarily happening in the services sectors.

Perhaps most importantly, the restructuring of the Zambian economy has created a higher demand for an educated workforce. In translation, the youthful population just beginning its career journey can benefit the most from these economic shifts if prepared to pursue adequate education.

Here’s how.

Jobs on Demand vs. Highest Paying Jobs 

Before we get down to our list, we need to distinguish between the highest paying jobs in Zambia and those with good outlooks. Namely, high earnings aren’t always tied to the ability to enter a particular field. 

For example, as in all countries worldwide, the highest paid careers in Zambia require years of studying, work experience, and the demonstrated ability to perform roles with high levels of responsibility.

To put this in perspective, that’s why surgeons make 22.300 ZMK, or why judges’ monthly salary is 18.700 ZMK. Compared to the average salary in Zambia, which is around 6.000 ZMK, this is really a lot. 

But these are usually positions that come with years of experience. Sure, if you’ve decided to follow any of those paths, start your education journey immediately. But the majority of young people will likely be attracted to alternative career paths. 

On the flip side, if you are not ready for the educational challenge, there are jobs in high demand in Zambia that are paid well and don’t have substantive educational requirements. Such are the careers of fuel attendants or construction workers, for example.

But, somewhere between those two extremes – we believe – are the best jobs in Zambia: high monthly earnings, relatively low entry barriers, and good advancement potential.

#1 Nursing 

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia female nurse
  • Why on Demand in Zambia?

Even before the COVID crisis hit, the country faced a shortfall of the qualified labor force in this sector. In 2018, the government reported that it needs 20,000 nurses and plans to recruit 30.000 before 2030. 

  • Responsibilities

A nurse is the person who takes daily care of the patients. Typical job duties include:

  • Observing patients condition
  • Keeping records
  • Collecting patient health history
  • Administering medications and treatments
  • Supervising other healthcare professionals (practical nurses, certified nurse assistants, nurse aides)
  • Educational requirements

To become a registered nurse in Zambia, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Average Salary: 5,800 ZMK

Salaries range from 3,720 ZMK (lowest average) to 11,200 ZMK (highest average).

#2 Teaching 

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia female teacher
  • Why on Demand in Zambia?

In 1999, the Zambian government set a goal of producing 4,400 teachers every year, but the actual output was nearly half of that number. Its developing and fluctuating economy yearns for trained teaching staff that could create an educated workforce. 

  • Responsibilities

Besides shaping the future of young lives, teacher’s responsibilities include:

  • Planning and delivering lessons within your subject area
  • Implementing national curriculum
  • Assessing student’s progress
  • Evaluating and reporting on student’s behaviour 
  • Adhering to the highest standards in education
  • Proactively learning as part of continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Participating in school’s meetings
  • Educational requirements

Educational requirements for obtaining a practicing licence depend on the school level a candidate wishes to teach. Generally speaking, a degree in education is often listed as a basic qualification. 

  • Average Salary: 6.370 ZMK

Salaries range from 3,050 ZMK (lowest average) to 11,600 ZMK (highest average).

#3 Veterinarian

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia veterinarians treat the dog
  • Why on Demand in Zambia?

It seems that the demand for veterinarians in Zambia is in tune with a global trend in the labour market. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job outlook for veterinarians is projected to grow 16 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

  • Responsibilities

A veterinarian is a medical professional who takes care of animals’ health. Job duties include: 

  • Examining animals, assessing their health, and diagnosing health issues
  • Prescribing medications
  • Testing and vaccinating against illnesses
  • Performing surgical procedures on animals
  • Advising owners on general and special care
  • Euthanizing patients
  • Educational requirements

To become a veterinarian, you must hold a degree in veterinary medicine

  • Average Salary 4.860 ZMK

Salaries range from 2,980 ZMK (lowest average) to 8,040 ZMK (highest average).

#4 Pharmacist 

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia female pharmacist at work
  • Why on Demand in Zambia?

A pharmacist is another occupation that is projected to grow substantially in the future and is gaining notable traction after the 2020 COVID crisis. As it turns out, we rely on medicines more than ever.

  • Responsibilities

Pharmacists are responsible for providing pharmaceutical information to patients and healthcare providers, along with compounding and/or dispensing prescription medications. The role also entails:

  • Monitoring customer’s drug therapies
  • Instructing patients on the right way to take their medications
  • Providing immunizations
  • Ensuring adherence to legal rules, procedures, and regulation 
  • Educational requirements

The Pharmaceutical Society Of Zambia lists the following educational prerequisites:

  • Studying chemistry, mathematics, and other appropriate courses in high school (you should check specific requirements with the tertiary institution)
  • Pharmacy degree from one of the many PSZ-HPCZ recognized institutions in the country
  • Passing the PSZ-HPCZ registration requirements
  • Participation in an internship program under the direction of a registered pharmacist to become qualified to practice pharmacy in Zambia.
  • Continuous professional development (CPD) through periodic PSZ-HPCZ CPD courses as required by law.
  • Average Salary: 7.310 ZMK

Salaries range from 3,950 ZMK (lowest) to 11,000 ZMK (highest).

#5 Bank Managers 

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia bank manager working
  • Why on Demand in Zambia?

Since 1990, when Zambia liberalized its financial sector, the number of banks steadily increased, providing a relatively stable work environment for experts in the field. 

  • Responsibilities

Bank managers are usually responsible for the functioning of one or more branches, and their typical working day consists of:

  • Promoting the bank services
  • Monitoring sales targets
  • Supervising and ensuring a high level of customer service
  • Reporting to the head office
  • Educational requirements

Specific requirements will depend on the particular job vacancy, but the usual educational background expected for a bank manager is a degree in business administration or a related field. Most employers will give advantages to candidates who completed the bachelors or masters in accounting, finance, or maths.

  • Average Salary: 11,100 ZMK

Monthly salaries range from 5,970 ZMK to 16,700 ZMK.

#6 Sales Managers

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia female sales manager
  • Why on Demand in Zambia?

Because sales managers are revenue generators, they are likely to be sought after across industries, both in Zambia and internationally. 

  • Responsibilities

Sales managers are responsible for implementing the company’s sales plan, supervising the sales team, and meeting sales goals. Depending on the working environment, they might be expected to do one or more things of the following:

  • Coordinate direct sales
  • Keep inventory control
  • Sales reporting
  • Performance analysis
  • Educational requirements

Most employers will expect to see at least a bachelor’s degree in business, management, or related fields in potential candidate curriculum. 

  • Average Salary: 9,920 ZMK

Salaries range from 5,350 ZMK (lowest) to 15,000 ZMK (highest).

#7 Human Resources / HR Officer 

Top 7 Jobs on Demand in Zambia human resources officer working
  • Why on Demand in Zambia?

As industry leaders and potential employees become too busy perfecting their own expertise, the field of human resources is gaining critical importance. An HR officer takes all the weight of organizing and developing the work environment. 

  • Responsibilities

Human resource professionals are responsible for recruiting and training the labour force, handling employee relations, and overseeing the specialist’s performance. The typical working day of an HR officer may include:

  • Identifying the employer’s needs
  • Recruiting and interviewing applicants
  • Perform background checks
  • Coordinate the workforce
  • Direct disciplinary procedures
  • Educational requirements

The majority of HR specialists will hold at least an associate’s in HR or a related field.

  • Average Salary: 8.930 ZMK

Salaries range from 4,200 ZMK (lowest) to 14,100 ZMK (highest).

Leaving you with a thought of success

Although our list of jobs in demand in Zambia captured essential facts about different sectors, one thing remained unmentioned. There is a particular skill set that is a primary prerequisite for each and every career out there. 

And that is setting your mindset for success.

Whatever might be your career choice, nurture that mindset. Establish your expertise. Market yourself. Diversify your skillset and learn how to lead other people. 

Have an analytical approach to job hunting. 

Inspect current job opportunities with vigor. And you’re about to land one of those dream jobs. 

Take the first step towards your dream career today. Learn more about the programme by downloading our prospectus.

In case you need guidance on which course has the best job opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.